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O2C2 Consulting helps people within companies and organisations to deal with change more effectively, efficiently and proactively.

We do this with scientifically proven methods


We are a network organization consisting of experts in the field of innovation. We call ourselves O2C2. This stands for oxygen for creativity and change. The initiator of O2C2 is Luc De Schryver, a consultant with many years of experience in the field of innovation.



We support innovation and creativity through proven methodologies. We help organisations, teams and individuals to become more creative and innovative. With scientifically based methods that really work. Sound and reliable.



We mainly work with companies and organisations with a minimum of 25 employees. O2C2 is active in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.



We base ourselves on proven methodologies. The foundations on which we build and act are based on the systemic approach and the methodology of the Creative Problem Solving Group Buffalo.



O2C2 CONSULTING consists of a team of specialists with more than 20 years experience in the field of creativity and innovation. The team applies a systemic approach and helps organizations to deal with change more effectively. We are happy to share our experiences. 

Luc De Schryver

Jan Lahuis

Fransiska Dams

Jan Gorremans

Christian Hoßbach

Network of Certified Partners


“Such results, in such a short time and supported by so many parties … I had never dared dream of it in advance …”.

Sita Hes, Projectmanager/ policy officer for welfare, care and housing

“VIEW should be a standard part of the personnel file!”

Huib Aarnoudse, Project Manager, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery B.V., Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery B.V.

“The combination of paying attention to the organisational climate, dealing more consciously with differences in style and the ICP training for internal process supervisors was a powerful incentive for the much-needed ‘rethinking, doing things differently’ within our organisation.”

Annelies Klunder, Artistic Director, Theatre & Cinema De Nieuwe Kolk, Theater & Bioscoop De Nieuwe Kolk

“It becomes even more interesting when we start to analyse it in more depth in the next phase. Then we look at the results per department or per team. After all, they differ from the average on a number of fronts. We need to be aware of this in order to be able to tackle them.”

Giel Pastoor, director, Parktheater Eindhoven

“A well-researched method for guiding creative thinking that really makes a difference”

Christian Hoßbach, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

“An eye-opener on how creativity can be managed/created.”

Frederik Van Herterijck, Swift

“A Stimulus to use creativity not only for business, but at every moment of your life.”

Fransiska Dams, life coach

“If you, as an organization, want to survive you have to adapt to the changes in the market and better respond to changing consumer needs. This course gives you the instruments and the structure to manage innovation.”

Guy Mandelings, R&D Manager, Struik Foods Belgium

“Very enriching. Simple and effective tools and techniques. A method that makes it possible to actively and concretely involve people.”

Mélanie Turcotte, Facilitateur, Paris

“I really enjoyed the experience. Not only do I have a better understanding of my creative style [as well as those that I work with], but I now have some tools to help move my company forward on innovation.”

Nicole Kollias , McCain Foods, USA

“The course opened my eyes to a really exciting way of doing my job – I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in dealing with problems successfully and quickly.”

Barbara Nelson, Facilitator, Pension Group Solution Centre, Scotland

“Working with a must-national, multicultureel group of students and trainer was a great experience double enhanced by everyone adapting the free spirit engendered by CPS during Igniting Creative Potential.  I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone in the facilitation or management fields.”

Peter McCluskey, Pension Group Solution Centre, Scotland

“Have enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot. Feel very continent using the tools.”

Marjon Filippo, IBM, UK

“Well put together, very interactive, everyone made to feel they were making a real contributie. Very positive in approach.”

Andrew Burrows, DVLA, UK

“CPS gives facilitators a framework around which to tailor sessions to get best results.”

James Perrot, IBM Consultants, UK

We have been working with a wide range of companies and organisations. Do you want to innovate, but you run into problems? Make a free appointment with our team. During the intake we will discuss your questions and analyse the problems. Then we propose the best solution. Our three applied methods can be used in concert or separately, depending on your needs. It is of course important that your organisation or company is open to our way of working.