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Luc De Schryver

Luc De Schryver has been active for over more than 20 years as an international consultant. He brought the ‘systemic approach’ to Europe and successfully applied this method. This specific approach to stimulate and implement creativity and innovation in companies results in unique results for both profit and non profit organisations. Luc De Schryver organises a broad network to support you with various methods in innovative processes within your organisation. The best way to know if O2C2 CONSULTING is the solution for your organization is to contact us by phone. You can call him at: +32 476.337.137

Jan Lahuis

Jan Lahuis

Jan Lahuis has been using Creative Problem Solving for 15 years. Jan Lahuis: “It’s a fantastic way to explore and stimulate creativity within an organisation. It is a dynamic and energetic way to get things done.

Jan’s roots lie in the world of controlling and (financial) management. A field in which he is still active as an advisor and consultant. The principles of the systemic approach help him to tackle complex issues efficiently and to involve people into this process.

Fransiska Dams

After years of having had a successful career in the financial sector, Fransiska Dams has discovered where her greatest added value lies: making optimal use of the creative potential available in a group. This made her focus more and more on the awakening of creative potential.  She eventually turned her passion into her career.

Besides being a CPS facilitator in creativity, Fransiska is also active as a coach to help people evolve towards the best version of themselves. This helps Fransiska in her activities as a facilitator to always have an eye for the human aspect, and to guide your organization or team to new creative heights.

Jan Gorremans

Jan Gorremans

Jan Gorremans describes himself as a generalist. Throughout his 25 years professional experience, Jan has served several positions in different business domains. From technical engineer over business process engineer, ICT service management, management consultant, aviation business contract manager, … A coincidental back-stage visit at Walt Disney World, Florida, 12 years ago gave him a new business perspective.

While discovering ‘the business behind the magic’ through Disney Institute colleges, Jan realised the importance of the relationship between the companies’ employers and end-customer. By making use of Service Design techniques and in depth understanding of the VIEW and SOQ methodologies, Jan’s motto is: Making organisations successful through loyal customers and happy employees.

He is a capable in bridging traditional business concepts with business design and service excellence methodologies to create innovative and customer oriented results.

Christian Hoßbach

Christian Hoßbach

Pursuing his PhD at the Chair of Human Resources Management and Business Governance at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany, Christian Hoßbach is doing research that is aimed at creating knowledge how those who lead and manage in organizations could better unleash creative talent and take a more systemic approach in developing and nurturing creativity.

He is a trained facilitator of Creative Problem Solving and a certified user of VIEW and SOQ.

Bridging theory and practice, he contributes to the further development and improvement of these methods and tools in order to increase the impact of their practical application and help to unleash creative talent in organizations.

Our certified partners

Jo Martens: Certified VIEW practitioner

Maxim Swinnen: CertifiedVIEW and SOQ  practitioner

Inge De Bruyn: Certified VIEW
and SOQ practitioner

Jos Beckers: Certified SOQ practitioner

Rob Bigge: Certified VIEW and SOQ practitioner

David Geuens: Certified VIEW and SOQ practitioner

Geert Bruggeman: Certified  VIEW practitioner

Patrick Stevens: Certified SOQ practitioner

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