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O2C Consulting has been offering a systemic approach for decades based on the methodologies of Creative Problem Solving Group Buffalo.

We believe that a fast and adequate response to a changing environment is only possible if the organisation looks at the innovation process in a systemic way. The systemic approach consists of 4 dimensions:

  • People: the individuals involved in the innovation process
  • Context: the ideal organisational conditions for innovation to thrive
  • Process: the innovation process itself and the method and tools used
  • Product: the type of innovation pursued

We use the following resources for targeted innovation:

The online assessment tool View®, aimed at people in an organisation

The online assessment tool SOQ®, aimed at the organisational culture

The Creative Problem Solving methodology, aimed at making effective use of the creativity of individuals, groups and organisations.


The VIEW is a self assessment instrument that examines three important dimensions of style that relate directly to creative behavior, problem solving, and change management.

VIEW was designed to help you:

See your strengths and your ‘blindspots’ more clearly – deepen your self awarenes

Know how to work more effectively in teams or groups–enhance colaboration and productivity

Understand key people aspects to consider when managing projects or dealing with organisational change

Be far beter able to understand creativity, innovation, problem solving, and change

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The Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) is an assessment instrument that examines the psychological aspects of the work environment – more commonly referred to as atmosphere or climate. In a way, the SOQ helps us make the invisible more visible.

Climate is connected to culture but it is not the same as culture. Whereas culture is difficult to change, climate is far more definable, measurable, and readily changeable.

Climate refers to the everyday paterns of behaviour that characterise life in a defined workarea. Culture concerns the values and beliefs that reflect the deeper foundations of the organisation.

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CPS 6.1™
O2C2 uses the Creative Problem Solving 6.1™ methodology. This is a powerful and flexible method to make effective use of the creativity of individuals, groups and organisations. CPS provides the framework to tackle problems and to come up with new solutions.

You may recognize the following:

Ideas flow. But how do you translate the idea into action? How do you ‘sell’ the idea internally? Who within the organisation is going to help you achieve this change?

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We help employees, managers and leaders manage change more effectively, efficiently and proactively.

This is how we work

The first step is to make an appointment. You can call or email us and we will explore how we can support you. During the free intake interview we will discuss your questions and analyse the problems. Then we find the best way forward. Our three applied methods can be used together or separately, depending on the needs. It is of course important that your organisation or company is open to our working methods.

Coaching of participants after the training

After our tailor-made training courses, we provide guidance so that the participant can safely and successfully apply the new skills and insights in his or her own working environment. We do this in this way:

Coaching of internal CPS Facilitators

Internal change agents are trained to be able to work independently with the CPS system. Facility leadership is an item that plays an important role in this.

In order to steer everything in the right direction, process facilitators are coached to successfully make the transfer to their own organization. Based on a number of real challenges, one or more “thinking groups” are being formed (preferably from different departments). The ‘freshly trained’ process facilitators are challenged to apply immediately the lessons learned.

Coaching of certified VIEW practitioners

Coaching is provided for the newly certified VIEW users in order to make their first interventions run successfully. The coaching includes both the preparation and the actual working with groups.

Coaching of certified SOQ practitioners

SOQ is a powerful tool to measure the business environment in terms of creativity, innovation and change. After their certification, SOQ certified practitioners are guided in the preparation of the various application possibilities. For example, SOQ can be used in leadership development, team development and organisational development. 


SOQ® Certification 

SOQ® is an online tool. Those certified by CPSB or O2C2 Consulting are able to apply, manage and interpret SOQ in practice. The certification programme consists of two parts: intensive preparation or self-study and a two-day training course on the practical application of SOQ.

VIEW certification

VIEW is an online tool that identifies the problem-solving styles of the various team members. Those who have been certified by CPSB or O2C2 Consulting are able to apply, manage and interpret VIEW in practice. The certification programme consists of a one-day training course on the practical application of VIEW.