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O2C² Consulting takes an integrated approach to creativity,
innovation and change


We supervise facilitate thinking sessions, creative sessions, change processes and innovation processes.

We bieden opleidingen aan om:

- Individuele creativiteit beter te kunnen inzetten.

- Als team effectiever nieuwe oplossingen te


- Leiders inzichten en instrumenten te geven zodat

   ze hun rol binnen het innovatiegebeuren beter

   kunnen invullen

- Als organisatie het juiste organisatieklimaat vorm

   te geven zodat het gunstig is voor creativiteit,

   innovatie en verandering.


EMBEDDED INNOVATION in the organisation

We help the organisation clarify the preconditions for successful and sustainable innovation and improve them where necessary. The SOQ assessment, containing sixty scientifically proven benchmarks, is successfully used worldwide for this purpose.


We train people to be able to apply the methodologies of Creative Problem Solving 6.1™. For those who want to go deeper, it is possible to be trained as a certified user of the VIEW and SOQ assessments.

SOQ: Organisatieklimaat voor creativiteit, innovatie en verandering

SOQ meet de perceptie van mensen van het klimaat in hun werkomgeving en in welke mate een organisatie klaar is voor verandering.

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Our approach

We believe that a fast and adequate response to a changing environment is only possible when the entire organisation is involved in the innovation process. For decades, O2C2 Consulting has offered a systemic approach based on the methodologies of The Creative Problem Solving Group Buffalo, in which we distinguish 4 main dimensions:

  • People: the people involved in the innovation process

  • Organisational culture: the ideal conditions for innovation to thrive

  • Process: the innovation process itself and the methods used

  • Product: the type of innovation pursued

We use the following tools for targeted innovation:

  • The online assessment tool VIEW, aimed at the people in an organisation

  • The online assessment tool SOQ®, aimed at the organisational culture

  • The Creative Problem Solving method, focused on the effective use of the creativity of individuals, groups and organisations



O2C2 Consulting works with, among other tools, VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style SM.

We use this to examine how your employees choose to use their creativity to solve problems and meet challenges. How people deal with change differs strongly from person to person.

The insights from VIEW can be useful in:

  • Communicating effectively

  • Guiding groups

  • Improving problem-solving skills (both individual and team)

  • Team building and team development

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Managing change

  • Leadership development



O2C2 Consulting applies the Situational Outlook Questionnaire ® (SOQ) online assessment tool.

SOQ examines the psychological aspects of the work environment, usually referred to as the atmosphere or climate. In a sense, SOQ helps us to make the invisible more visible.

Climate is linked to culture but is not the same as culture. While culture is difficult to change, a business climate is much more definable, measurable and easy to change.

Climate refers to the daily patterns of behaviour that characterise life in a particular workplace. Culture refers to the values and beliefs that reflect the deeper foundations of the

SOQ® can be used for:

  • Organisational development -> growing into an agile organisation

  • Team development -> improving the innovative capacity of teams

  • Leadership development -> understanding the perception (differences) of the manager and his or her environment



O2C2 Consulting uses the Creative Problem Solving 6.1™ methodology.

This is a powerful and flexible method for effectively harnessing the creativity of individuals, groups and organisations. CPS provides the framework for tackling problems and coming up with new solutions. It is about the way in which creativity is applied. In other words, it is about the process.

You may recognise the following:

Ideas arise. But how do you translate the idea into action? How do you 'sell' the idea internally? Who will help you within the organisation to make the change?

Organising innovation

Companies and organisations distinguish themselves by developing new products, services or processes faster, more efficiently and continuously. Creativity is important and necessary for this. Without creativity, there is no innovation! But that creativity and power of innovation will have to be steered in the right direction in order to achieve a good result.

O2C2 Consulting uses CPS to stimulate creativity in companies.

This is how we get started

The first step is to make an appointment. You can call or email us, and we will explore how we can support you. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your questions and analyse your challenges. Then we will find the best solution. Our three applied methods can be used together or separately, depending on your needs. Of course, it is important that your organisation or business is open to our methods.

Guidance for participants after training

After our customised training courses, we provide guidance so that participants can safely and successfully apply the new skills and insights to their own work environment. We do this in the following way:


Coaching of certified VIEW users

Coaching is provided for the newly certified VIEW users to make their first interventions successful. The coaching includes both preparation and actual work with groups.


Coaching certified SOQ users

SOQ is a powerful tool for measuring the business climate in terms of creativity, innovation and change. SOQ certified users are guided through the different application possibilities after their certification. Thus, SOQ can be used in leadership development, team development and organisational development. 


Coaching of internal CPS process supervisors

Internal 'change agents' are trained to work independently with the CPS system within the organisation. Facility leadership is an element that plays an important role in this.

In order to steer everything in the right direction, process supervisors are coached to make the transfer to the workplace successful. Based on a number of real challenges, one or more thinking groups (which transcend departmental boundaries as much as possible) are put together. The 'freshly trained' process counsellors are invited to put what they have learned into practice.


SOQ® Certification

SOQ® is an online tool. Those who are certified by CPSB or O2C2 Consulting are able to apply, manage and interpret SOQ in practice. The certification programme consists of two parts: intensive preparation or self-study and a two-day training in the practical application of SOQ.

VIEW Certification

VIEW is an online tool that maps the problem-solving style of different team members. Those who are certified by CPSB or O2C2 Consulting are able to apply, manage and interpret VIEW in practice.


Want to work together? Contact us immediately for an initial consultation and a specific offer.

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