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O2C² Consulting ENCOURAGES creativity and innovation

Do you use all the creativity in your organisation or company?

Standing still is going backwards: the world around us is changing rapidly. Yesterday's services and products are no longer of interest today. As a result, an organisation needs to be able to respond to the needs of customers and end-users flexibly and consistently. It's not just products and processes that are changing; individuals are changing too. Millennials, for example, have a completely different vision than older employees. The quality of the work sometimes takes precedence over income, and almost no one has a job for life. The climate has also become unpredictable. Social, technical, political, economic: long-term planning is not easy.

O2C2 Consulting helps people within companies and organisations to deal with change more effectively, efficiently and pro-actively, based on scientifically proven methods.

An integrated approach to creativity focusing on 4 key aspects: the individual, climate, process and product

With an integrated approach to creativity, we look at the 4 aspects of the individual, climate, process and product with scientifically supported methodologies:

  • Training for individuals, teams and organisations in creativity and innovation with various tools and methodologies

  • Coaching of teams in sessions regarding creativity and innovation

  • Setting up innovation cells with teams working on innovation within the organisation

  • Support in your organisation to create an innovative organisational climate. Using a baseline, we first measure the current situation and benchmark this by comparing it with proven innovative organisations

  • Deep insight into these different aspects thanks to our 30 years of experience both nationally and internationally. 

  • Luc De Schryver is a Senior of CPSB (The Creative Problem Solving Group Buffalo) and is the only one in the Benelux who can certify professionals for VIEW, SOQ and train them as CPS process counsellors. 

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(Applied imagination)

Intuitive versus (purposeful) conscious creativity
Author: Luc De Schryver

Do you want to truly grow as a company, team or individual? This book analyses creativity and innovation. It also offers insights and tools to creatively solve problems with an integrated approach and create real innovation that stimulates leadership qualities and creative behaviour in others.

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What challenges?

Everything starts with a good conversation, during which we discuss your questions and analyse your challenges. We always examine, together with you, which process suits your organisation best. 

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What We Do

We stimulate innovation and creativity with evidence-based, proven methodologies that work to help organisations become more efficient. 

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Who We Are

Our network organisation consists of experts in innovation. O2C2 stands for oxygen for creativity and change. The founder, Luc De Schryver, is a consultant with years of experience in the field of innovation.

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Our Foundations

We base ourselves on proven methodologies. The foundations on which we build and operate are based on the systemic or integral approach of the methodologies of The Creative Problem Solving Group Buffalo.

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Our Clients

We mainly work with companies and organisations with at least 25 employees. O2C2 is active in the Benelux, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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Our Blog

How we empower organisations and companies with creativity and innovation can be read on our blog.

Is your organisation or company open to our methods?

We are active in many companies and organisations

During the initial consultation, we discuss your questions and analyse the challenges at hand

Together we find the best process for your organisation

We can deploy our three applied methodologies together or separately, tailored to your needs

Let's keep in touch


Want to work together? Contact us immediately for an initial consultation and a specific offer.

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